Selma to Montgomery

I’m delighted to have been given a spot on the National Park Service 50th Anniversary Walking Classroom. My infant daughter will be joining me for a 54-mile walk with 300 other citizens from the U.S. and Puerto Rico on the 50th anniversary of the voting rights march from Selma to Montgomery.

We will walk the  route — 54 miles — along Highway 80, across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma to the Alabama State Capitol with daily mileage corresponding to what the original marchers did in 1965. As part of the walking classroom, we’ll have the privilege to meet original foot soldiers on the march and participate in reflections and discussions with historians, politicians, and National Park Service experts.

I will use this space to share what I’m learning about the Civil Rights Movement, voting rights, the march from Selma to Montgomery, and our new birth of freedom. My wish is that by sharing my experience as the parent of a baby on the march, I’ll be a mirror to reflect the real sheros (and heros) of civil rights.


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