Thirty Pieces of Silver

When people do evil, and the rest of us have to pick up in the aftermath, I always wonder, was the high cost worth it.

In the case of our lawmakers taking money from the NRA and other pro-gun interests, what’s puzzling to me is that they take not a whole lot of money for a hellishly high cost to all of us.

A word on semantics: when I say gun lobby, I’m referring to the morally bankrupt pro-mass-shooting political beast that blithely lines the pockets and deafens the ears and blinds the eyes of public officials to the high social cost of gun ownership run amok. I’m not here to rip on hunters who use appropriate firearm safety or farmers who keep a shotgun on hand to keep the rabid skunk out of the hogs.

I’m addressing the collective insanity of our totemic worship of semi-automatic weapons to the extent that we fail to ensure that the people purchasing and using them are not going to use them to optimize the number of people they kill when they decide to take their beef to church, work, or school.

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