What if we Flip the Script

We keep hearing from district administration that money is limited. We understand.

Seattle Public Schools families understand what it’s like to live on a tight budget; rents have gone up approximately 37% in the past 5 years and nearly 40% of SPS families qualify for free and reduced lunch.

If anyone is worried about money this week, it’s the families struggling to pay for extra childcare outside what they budgeted for. If anyone is trying to figure out how to do more with less, it’s the families who rely on school breakfasts and lunches to feed their families. If anyone is concerned about money, it’s the teacher who sent a plea for her donorschoose.org project that she’s hoping to get matching funds for to purchase books for her classroom.

Money is limited. So why are we spending it on an excessive number of standardized tests, far beyond the state and federal requirements?

Money is limited. So why are spending it on searches for position openings vacated by teachers who leave the profession or the district in search of decent pay?

Money is limited. So why do we keep spending it on searches, interims, and severance packages for superintendents in a district that has had FIVE people to hold that title in ten years?

Money is limited. And yet we’ve had to endure fraud and embezzlement and the attendant legal fees de-throning of district administrators.

Money is limited. So why are did the top 100 salaried administrators in the district earn a combined $1,400,000 MORE in 2014-15 than two years before?

Money is limited. So why are we spending it to retain counsel to explore legal action against the teachers for striking?

Money is limited. So what is being done to bring pressure to bear on Governor Inslee to call a special session of the legislature and get out of contempt on the McCleary decision?

Money is limited. So what is our district leadership doing to change our funding model?

Our educators already know that money is limited.

Money is limited. Our teachers bring in their own art and equipment for their classrooms.

Money is limited. A science teacher keeps the same population of meal worms alive for over ten years.

Money is limited. A school nurse cruises the Goodwill to stock up on extra clothes for the kids who have accidents and rarely return the loaners.

Money is limited. Parents buy basic classroom supplies.

Money is limited. Educators are already responsible stewards of district resources. Don’t balance the budget on their backs.


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