March Day 1: March 21

Each day we start at the National Park Service Lowndes Interpretive Center for a briefing and then hop onto shuttles to the site of where the marchers were 50 years before.

Abernathy Children with Dr. King
Abernathy Children with Dr. King

The first day of the March begins, as it did 50 years before, at the Brown AME Chapel. We will be joined by some of the original footsoldiers of the 1965 Voting Rights March for a Mass Meeting. A local Boy Scout troop will lead the flag raising, and then we’ll walk through downtown Selma, cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge, and then the real hoofing begins!  We’ll end our day with a discussion with family members at the David Hall Farm, the first campsite along the route.

Follow along on my nifty map, which I’m updating as we go.


One thought on “March Day 1: March 21”

  1. Rachel,
    We’re so proud of you (and little Edie) for taking part in this amazing historic moment! We hope it goes really well. The girl and I miss you, and can’t wait to see you and hear about your trip! Sending all our love and hugs,
    Tony, Helen, Bea


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