When the march gets tough…

Remember Jim Letherer, an observant Jew and amputee who marched for 54 miles from Selma to Montgomery on one leg and crutches.

Photo by Spider Martin
Photo by Spider Martin

One thought on “When the march gets tough…”

  1. Dear Rachel, I am proud to know you, proud to know someone marching these 54 miles, proud to know someone who is so inexorably true to her beliefs. What you possess in your heart and in your soul is nothing short of magnificent, my warrior friend. I admire you so, and I am so very fond of you. Bless you as you take this journey. Bless you as you keep taking the inspiring journey that is your beautiful life. I’m glad I get to witness some of it, because I am so much better for it. And bless those astoundingly wonderful girls of yours.


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