me·an·der |  \mē-ˈan-dər\


  1. A winding course.
  2. A labyrinthine route.
  3. A circuitous journey, characterized by many bends, turns, and travels less efficient than the straight line from Point A to Point B.
  4. A bend in a watercourse or river, in which the stream erodes an other bank while at the same time depositing sediment at the inside bend.

Example: The Alabama River between Montgomery and Selma.


  1. To wander slowly, to walk at a slow pace.
  2. To bend (sometimes in the extreme) but remain connected to both the source and the destination
  3. To remake a landscape by bending a watercourse such that it carries its own earth, changes its floodplain, enriches the land around it through its deposits, and defines its own geography.

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